The piercing plasma flashes of guitar, distressed with glorious distortion and thinly creeping over the track, is what first attracted my ears to this song. Secondly, the quasi-acrobatic bass, flipping with its muted tones all over the place, is wonderfully kinetic partnered with the sped-up, doo-wop style drums. Thirdly – the vocals don't take over the song too much, it's mostly about the washes of distorted sound, with the vocals themselves distorted, singing a slow melody, a gradual hook sung with rich harmonies.

So yeah, this is 'Equinox' by Surf Rock is Dead – a name that belies the semi-surf rock sound that pervades the song. However, it's gently soaked in pop, making it somehow bright and friendly, a good atmosphere for a chilly day like today. Oh and you might want to know that they are a duo; one of them is from Brooklyn, the other from Melbourne.