Here is the luscious R&B sound of 'Everyday' by George Cassavetes aka Stay Bless. But then again, it's not so much R&B as it is a blend of soft, muted '80s sensibilities and novelty late '90s party pop, with its bouncy progressions and rhythms pogosticking in rainbow intensity. It's a collage of sounds extracted from various influences, a regulated patchwork of emotion and energy and fun.

It arrives from the musicmaker's upcoming In Paradise EP, out 9th March on In Stereo Records. You can catch him live at Birthdays, Dalston, on 11th March for the launch of his EP.

  • In Paradise EP tracklisting:
  • 1. Paradise
  • 2. Distance (feat. Trim)
  • 3. Everyday
  • 4. Girl (feat. Holiday Sidewinder)