Yes this is very nice, smooth, a well blended (blent?) smoothie feat. all your favourite fruits. How far can we take this smoothie epithet? I dunno, but just imagine you're drinking perhaps a slightly alcoholic version of this in some cocktail bar. It's late night, could be any time, could be 22:47, could be 02:34. Lots of indoor exotic plants. The air is smoky and warm. And there you are, supping on a smoothie and looking around at the glittery glamourous people swishing and sashaying around the place. It's a dream, really. This can't be real life.

It arrives courtesy of Munich producer trio, Konsequence. Collaborating with a bunch of artists, and working on what they call "unique R&B sound with special early Munich influences," they've created two songs, one of which is our Track of the Day. It's called 'Bad Girl' and it could basically soundtrack the scene I've sketched above (inspired by how Konsequence describe their music). Funk guitar fragments ping back and forth as the elasticity of the slapped bass makes groovesome ripples in the soundscape of the track, warm piano chords resonate lovingly alongside the constant ambience of a simple, understated synth melody. The other song is called 'Dangerous' and, really, it's just as nice. By nice I mean really good (and nice).

Konsequence recently founded their own label, Panther Music, and will be releasing an EP in early 2015. Get your smoothies ready— wait, is that even a sign-off? I dunno anymore.

Discovery: If you liked this, you'll most likely love Andras & Oscar's supersmooth album, Café Romantica.