Here is a remix of 'Made For Myself' by London trio Dems. With the original pulsing and blipping around with cavernous reverb as if tucked away in some man-made fissure opened up in a remote part of our world, the remix by Blacksmif takes this feeling and transports it a million miles from home, adding warm cosmic touches – like pitch-shifted vocals echoing into the sonic void, synth speckled with galactic sensibilities, a hotchpotch future-facing beat – that raise you up out of your current earthly shell into a utopian vision painted with wide textured brushstrokes bristling with life-affirming colour. You can listen to the remix (first) and the original (second) below.

Dems were also kind enough to spend a few words telling us all about the music.

What's the inspiration behind the track?
The original version of 'Made For Myself' was written during a bit of a creative rut as a kind of catharsis, but when we all listened Blacksmif's remix in our studio for the first time, we realised he had really transformed it into something more hopeful and uplifting.

We have always wanted to work with Blacksmif, who David and I went to school with. All of us started producing music roughly around the same time, and this was a great opportunity to collaborate with someone whose music we really respect. Some people don't like having their music remixed, but I think it's so thrilling to hear someone else's take on your work, especially one like this which is so beautifully restrained.

Is there any particular time or place in the universe where it'd sound best?
It'd be incredible if it could somehow be played live at the end of a Genesis concert around the mid-80s, with Phil Collins on drums. I really picture him during the last couple of minutes of the track.

How do you hope or imagine people will react to it?
We are pretty committed to a certain aesthetic that runs through our music, artwork and videos, and of course, it would be brilliant if everyone loved it! However, I find myself increasingly unworried about perceptions or trying to roll with 'hype'. We are really proud of the people that we work with and music we make, and hopefully listeners will find something in our records they can relate to and love.