THE DAY (for 2015)


And to commemorate this… well it's not really a commemoration, just what has to be done and said. It's Track of the Day number however many and it's by A. G. Cook and it's called 'What I Mean'. It's kind of fitting since A. G. Cook and his label PC Music (which might just be a ghost label but who knows for sure) have kind of made 2014 what it is, at least in the online music world.

People call A. G. Cook a lot of things: head honcho, boss, mastermind. I prefer final boss because he is basically like the final boss of PC Music. Every artist of PC Music is a boss of PC Music because they hold that much sway over the audiences of the world who are enamoured with the label. Moreover, if PC Music were indeed a game, A. G. Cook would definitely be the final boss – more Master Hand than mastermind.

ENOUGH! Enough of this. 'What I Mean' is the track (featured on Annie Mac's Free Music Mondays yesterday) in question and it's delightfully simple, a stuttering sally-forth of joyful synth chords joined by chopped vocal samples placed in catchy melodic patterns, jouncing above a jelly of squelchy bass and French Touch-style beat. The chords glisten with diamond like clatter, a kind of flickering warmth against the tide of winter, haunted by female and male vocal samples alike. And what's more, basically totally different to previous things; if there's one thing Mr. Cook is it's unpredictable and, for musicians and artists who have basically grown up on the idea of having to have their own concrete style, it's refreshing that he feels he can do whatever as long as he likes making it, because there's clearly a lot of energy going in if there's this much coming out.

Or I may be wrong. Anyway, it's a free download.

Merry Christmas!!! See you in 2015.

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