Here is Angel Haze with a new track called 'CANDLXS'.

On Tumblr she said this about her new creation:

"This is one of the first songs I wrote for my new record (also painted the artwork), it feels incredibly personal, but im happy to finally share the passion ive felt but couldnt express

i hope it shines thru xx"

The first 40 seconds of the song is interesting, feeling as if it could drop into something exciting, accenting the beat and utilising that guitar part a bit more. Instead it disappears into a confused-sounding ballad-esque track that attempts collage style with pan pipes and samples thrown in here and there, but they don't feel thought through. It attempts to grab your heart, but its hands are too busy polishing this over-epic sound that it doesn't come close; it's over-exalted, a premature attempt to raise Haze to Pop Diva Legend status.

This is saying nothing about Haze's voice, which is great – it just seems as if the producer, TROY NoKA, wasn't in-sync with her or her singing, otherwise the chemistry would be clear and the energy of the song would be infectious.

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