In 2014, Danny Boyle heard of Young Fathers when they won the Mercury Prize. And now, the Scottish group have six songs on T2: Trainspotting's soundtrack. While we wait for the sequel to the cult favourite movie, listen to 'Only God Knows,' which the director referred to as the "heart" of the film.

"Trainspotting, the original book is like a modern Ulysses," Danny Boyle. It’s unsurpassed I think, and reading it is still like the ‘rush of ocean to the heart.’ You're always looking for the heartbeat of a film. For Trainspotting it was Underworld's ‘Born Slippy.’ For T2 It's Young Fathers. Their songs are my heartbeat for the film. And ‘Only God Knows’ is that rush again. The ocean. The heart." said.