After a busy few years touring as part of Sharon Van Etten and Efterklang's live bands, Heather Woods Broderick has announced she'll be releasing a new album called Invitation on April 19th. The news comes along with an expansive new track called 'Where I Lay'.

Introducing the new song, Broderick says "'Where I Lay’ is really a poem about the impermanence of all things. So many of our questions will remain unanswered but if we slow down and appreciate things as they are it can provide a simplicity and an ease that inspires wonder amidst the chaos.”

Adhering to the meditative idea she's looking to express, 'Where I Lay' begins as a serene synth piece, with Broderick sing-speaking in beautiful images. But, just as you're lulled into Broderick's sway, 'Where I Lay' explodes in a cathartic rock song, instantly conjuring images of grand landscapes and even bigger dreams. Broderick's poetry remains intact, emboldened by the booming percussion and chorus of angelic voices that sweep into the dramatic arrangement. Listen to 'Where I Lay' below.

Invitation is coming out through Western Vinyl on April 19th (pre-order). Follow Heather Woods Broderick on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.