Heather Woods Broderick will be releasing her new album Invitation on April 19th, and has already shared the glorious 'Where I Lay'. This week she ups the excitement for the new record with the exquisite 'White Tail'.

Broderick has built the new track atop the sounds of a chirping naturescape, and the song itself plays into this feeling of escaping into the wilderness. 'White Tail' is full of life, and the love of it, with Broderick carrying us along in her cantering percussion through washes of strings and shimmering guitars, deep into a dreamy night woodland. Throughout she sings to us, inviting us to "surrender to sleepless shifting... and let the full moon envelop you”; and as we hypnotically follow the trail of 'White Tail' there is no option but to succumb to the bliss.

Heather Woods Broderick's Invitation is coming out through Western Vinyl on April 19th (pre-order).