Label: N/A Release Date: Out Now Website: Having once worked before on an atmospheric project together, the Ukrainian composer, Heinali, and the American poet and script writer, Matt Finney, have released another collaboration of similar nature. What we can hear from Lemonade is the dark, sombre nature brought about from these two artists working together, and also the intensely cinematic feeling that they create. Upon many listens, the audience will try to grasp some sort of image that this music is meant to conjure. Heinali's scores of vast feedback, which gradually develop and build friction, only to break down to simple piano and string compositions are rattling for the imagination. Finney's short present tense narratives whisper and croak at the most tranquil moments, tapping into whichever character's mind this music flows through. Ultimately, these intertwining elements in the tracks feel as though they possess the purpose of a soundtrack. They contain the necessary data to provide commentary for an unmade film, and to listen to this without seeing the imaginary film that you assume this should be written for, makes a fascinating exercise for the imagination. What also makes it sound best as a soundtrack rather than an EP is that the tracks cannot work separately; They make up an almost continuous score, with only the occasional insignificant break in sound. The only moment at which it breaks the trend that links all the tracks together is towards the end of the EP, when 'The Dream' begins to play. A strong, organic piano piece is accompanied only by Finney's brief and subtle lyrics, and just before the end some delicate strings and processed sounds bring it to a close. Lemonade provides great intrigue when you think of what it could be the soundtrack for. It does not go as far as to be one of the great groundbreaking records that orchestrate sounds of un-manipulated strings fusing with electrics, but it works successfully as a provocative product from the joint talents of two different artists with the same caliber of creativity. Photobucket