German techno producer Helena Hauff never allows anyone to sit still when she's DJing, and it seems she applies the same restlessness to her own life, as she has already prepped a new album less than a year on from the excellent Have You Been There, Have You Seen It EP. Hauff's new collection is called Qualm and will be her first full-length for Ninja Tune, coming out on August 3rd.

The first tracks to be premiered from the album are 'Qualm' and its evil twin 'No Qualms'. 'Qualm' in German refers to smoke, and appropriately on the title track Hauff gives us entry into a murky underground club-cum-lair. Hauff shows her ambient chops with this beatless affair, which instantly casts a thick fog with pastel shades. Second side 'No Qualms' picks up the same synth melody from its predecessor, but this time Hauff adds one of her trademark complex percussion lines, leaving us itching and twitching through the song's runtime. Hauff has stated that her mission for this album was "to create something powerful without using too many instruments and layers” - and she's done that in style here. Check out both below.

Pre-order Helena Hauff's Qualm here ahead of its August 3rd release.