The 405 was started on the principle that we would eventually create a podcast in the same vein as the old Daily Sonic podcasts. We created one a long time ago and it was fun but this time we're going to do it differently and ultimately better! This is where you come in! We need people that want to be a part of The 405 podcast team. The requirements are as follows: 1. You must have the ability to record yourself (it doesn't have to be super professional) and to be able to upload the file onto a computer.* 2. You must have a love for film/music/art 3. You must be able to commit to a regular schedule** *The Podcast will be edited together (with music) by The 405 in-house team. **The podcast will be made up of short (5 -10) minute sections. So basically we're after people that would want to take a regular slot. The podcasts will run every two weeks. The topics will be based around Music/Art/Film. They can be interviews with bands, live recordings. Literally whatever. If you're interested email us at