Owen Howells and Mike Davis will be launching an online store for their new project Carousel Records on 1st August at www.carouselrecords.net. But it's not going to stop there. The pair have also launched a crowdfunding campaign to help set up a physical version of the store in Berlin.

"Crowdfunding is a progressive, democratic way to enable young, passionate entrepreneurs such as myself to get an idea off the ground and into action," says Howells. The ultimate aim of Carousel Records is to not only function as a simple store where you can walk in and buy vinyl, but to also offer a performance space and the services of a creative agency simultaneously, with plans to develop a record label, too.

He continues: "Carousel, if successfully funded, will be a great asset to Berlin's rich cultural and musical landscape. Forgive me for the cheesy wording but it really is so much more than a record store. We aim to create an engaging community space, connecting people at a local and global level in the name of music and community."

Go help Carousel Records out on IndieGoGo.