Perception can be deceptive. Just because something looks or sounds simple, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is, which is part of what is going on with ‘Hair,’ the latest single from HEMM, the Melbourne based duo of Juice Webster and Robert Downie. A poised blend of delicate strings, heartbeat electronics, and elegantly arranged vocal composition with a choral flair, ‘Hair’ recalls the works of a litany of subtly-slanted pop - and pop aspiring - acts across a spectrum that stretches from harmony-heavy pastoral folk song to sleek, drum machine-driven minimalism; all the while never losing sight of the intimate human connection we inextricably connect with voices intertwined.

In Juice’s words: "Re minimalism: We never set out to be a "minimalist" band, and we're still developing and changing the more we write. Some of the songs on our upcoming EP are far less minimal than both 'Skin' and 'Hair'. But I think we both very much see eye to eye on not over-doing it, and not crowding the space with unnecessary elements. After we make something, we often spend a chunk of time combing through it and getting rid of a lot of things. We want everything that's there to really serve the song. Lyrics are also an important part of the process for me especially, and I think in order for the lyrics to make their mark, so to speak, the production needs to allow them that space."

‘Hair’ builds on HEMM’s previous single ‘Skin’ and points the way towards their upcoming EP, due for release in March through artist-run, Melbourne-based record label Spirit Level.

You can stream or purchase ‘Hair’ through bandcamp here.