Henry Jamison is on a mission on his upcoming record, Gloria Duplex (out February 8th on Akira Records); one of shedding a harsh light on the problematic expectations of modern masculinity. In the previously released singles, 'Boys' and 'Gloria', have seen Jamison tackle this topic with no shortage of displeasure - while still remaining beautiful, thoughtful pieces - but his new track 'Ether Garden' takes a different approach.

“[“Ether Garden”]’s relationship to the rest of the record is basically one of being a depth below the problems the other songs address, the depth at which an actual change could happen," Jamison tells us.

Although sonically similar to the previously aired tracks from Gloria Duplex, with sun-dappled acoustic guitar giving a warm glow to his voice and imagery, on 'Ether Garden' he leans into the beauty and redemptive nature of the genre. "That's when I finally heard those voices singing," he softly intones as the song's gentle current works its way around the subtle hook. Simple threads of violin and barely-there piano help to bring home Jamison's delicate realisation, turn him about-face as he seemingly speaks for his entire generation, suddenly realising the folly in attempting to be macho, crumbling under the beauty of compassion and resolving to go on as a more empathetic being. Check out 'Ether Garden' below.

Henry Jamison's second album Gloria Duplex comes out through Akira Records on February 8th.