Fledgling artist Henry Nowhere has finally arrived in earnest. As he releases his debut EP, Not Going Back, he was kind enough to sit down and dig into each and every track on the modest, charming release. Dig in, y'all.

'Not Going Back':

The feeling of being lost and content is a recurring theme in my writing. There is a big part of me that wants to drop it all, wander about and appreciate the worlds wonder. I know this impulse does not make me special in the least. For me music serves the purpose of giving the listener that sort of care free getaway in a 3 minute bite size form. That was my goal for this song and most of the EP for that matter.

'Good Thing':

This might be my favorite recording on the EP. I experimented with putting a lot of acoustic instruments in the arrangement. I played flute, trombone and piano on this cut which I hadn’t yet done on my recordings. I have big soft spot for lush arrangements, be it impressionist composers, film scores, or classic jazz/pop arrangements. I have a fantasy of being a Duke Ellington or Henry Mancini type character. As for the songwriting, this one came to me quite easily. There is a different kind of intimacy and satisfaction that you get from being with a single partner for a long time that you can’t get when you’re always looking for your next option. This song is about giving love and vulnerability a chance to grow.


I started this track with a head full of laid back 70’s country rock. The way those old Neil Young, Grateful Dead, Emmylou Harris albums sound really resonates with me. I tried to match that feel with the acoustic guitars, dry drum tones, and the only guitar solo I have allowed myself to play on any of my recordings.

The song’s about the value of anticipation. It’s great to be left wanting more. To have one person that you’re really excited about as opposed to swarms of faces and surface conversations that never cut you too deep. Stay hungry and a little uneasy.

'Problems of the Heart':

When I first started recording songs for this project I was overdubbing multiple tracks using a shoddy personal cassette recorder. I love the sound of warbly, crackling artifacts of sound. I brought that original recorder back out (I use a slightly more hi-fi tape machine now) to impart that color to the synth and drums on this track. I love using strong songwriting archetypes, and seeing the doctor for a broken heart is certainly one of those.

'Problems of the Heart' is my modern take on the old songwriting trope of seeing the doctor over a broken heart. I love these strong and simple archetypes that you hear in classic Blues and Country tunes. They really knew how to cut to the core of a feeling without being heavy handed back then.The theme of looking for a quick fix for a deep pain is even more relevant today than it was 80 years ago.

'Weighing on Me':

This is probably the best written song on the EP. One of my favorite feelings is when lyrics and melody just click. When the logic of the verse leads casually into the emotional pay off of the chorus. Songs that can express sorrow in an uplifting way tend to be my favorites.

'More to This':

This is the oldest song on the album. The Ahh’s in the pre chorus were actually my clever girlfriends doing. We laid in my room vibing out to this track on loop when she started singing those ahh’s, which so effortlessly lead into “Got a feeling there’s more to this” which was my initial concept line for this song. This song seemed like a natural closer for the EP. When It’s big, slow and spacious sound lightly fades out fades out at the end I can picture the credits rolling.

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