Herbie Hancock has been talking about some upcoming music with Flying Lotus and Thundercat in the works.

The jazz musician revealed the news via an interview with Billboard regarding his new album (his first since The Imagine Project back in 2010); although sparse with details, what he says is rich with insight:

"There's a scene that's happening, kind of an underground movement that's given partially to a connection to jazz or a new form of jazz. It's very difficult to define because what's involved is very often hip-hop and rap and electronics and jazz elements, classical elements. It's pretty broad-based, very open. It touches on the experimental while at the same time touches on the street. So I'm very intrigued. I feel I have something that I might be able to kind of bring along and add a little bit to the sauce with a lot of these young voices, so let's see what we come up with."

Hancock has worked with both of these trailblazing artists before – with FlyLo on a track called 'Moment of Hesitation' for his 2014 album You're Dead! – and with Thundercat on 'Lone Wolf and Cub' from The Beyond / Where Giants Roam his mini-album from earlier this year , which also featured Flying Lotus and jazz artist Kamasi Washington. Sounds as if Herbie's onto something here.

Reacquaint yourself with 'Moment of Hesitation' below.