This is a new song called 'Drop Of Starch' by Frett, a musical entity from Suffolk, which for those who don't know is a county in England. It feels quite sunny, thanks to flashing synths and guitars. There are parts where all you can hear is the beat and the pulsing sub bass which is very effective. A press release states that the song was "born out of red wine, late night scribblings and musical jottings of various riffs layered up on a loop pedal." The press release also says this:

"The sense of minimalism in Drop of Starch is something that Frett have become more and more interested in, and this track epitomises this sense of layering."

The artwork for the song also is quite fitting in that sense because it a) is minimalist, and b) comprises layers. The track has a warm, rumbling sound overall, very horizontal and chilled out but slightly epic as well. I wanted to ask what the title means – what is a drop of starch? – but some things must remain mysteries, like what is god, and why do we yawn?

Listen to the song below.