If you don't know who William Onyeabor is, that's ok. In the grand scheme of things he's pretty obscure. Perfect material for Noisey, who tried to track him down last year. I haven't seen the documentary but it's called Fantastic Man and you can probably watch it here.

Other than that, he's basically a Nigerian musician and singer who made synth-pioneering funk in the 70s – his most famous song is the actually rather groovesome and electronically (and somewhat politically) charged meandering 'Better Change Your Mind', which is at the end of this post for your listening pleasure. He then allegedly went to Russia, learnt filmmaking, came back to Nigeria, quit music, became a born-again Christian, was given or opened up (not sure which) a flour mill, which he still operates to this day. This is all allegedly and apparently. It's almost like conjecture but not quite.

Anyway, his new... track? Not really a track. It's, well, if you've delved into the world of religious music you'll find that there are a lot of pieces of music like this: plinky-plonky synth and little drum machine patterns for many, many minutes whilst people sing about religious things. Here, William Onyeabor is singing about the "many mansions" of John 14:2, a bit from the bible, for around 10 minutes. It's also not really new, having been uploaded in September of last year (2014) but whatever.

You can watch the video for that just below.

In other news he had his first ever interview the other day with Lauren Laverne on BBC Radio 6 Music, where amongst other things he claimed to have never performed live, stated that he will never do so because he will "never dance like Michael Jackson," but then also revealed that he will be releasing new material. What an enigma!

And at the same time, a supergroup called Atomic Bomb! Band, including David Byrne (Talking Heads) and Money Mark (Beastie Boys) as members, is currently touring the world playing the music of William Onyeabor; they'll be playing the Sydney Festival 16–17th June.

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