This is the latest song from don't-look-at-my-face, writer-for-the-stars-turned-star pop music person, Sia. It's called 'Alive' and well, it's moody and juddering in the verses, and comes complete with exploding epic chorus, Sia switching between crooning and voice-shattering belting the declaration, "I'm alive…!" From all of this, and especially the slurring-sultry vocals in the bridge, you can think about whom this song might have been written for, like, hmm, I wonder, Rihanna (think 'Diamonds').

Written for? "Whom"? … what? That's cause Sia's forthcoming album This Is Acting is made up of songs that were previously written for other artists but which they, or their management, thought inappropriate or lame or whatever it is they say when they don't want a song. How fun!

But then again, a comment under the video purports to know the story behind the song: "…actually, Adele rejected it at very last minute, she (Sia) took it back. Both Adele and Sia wrote this together. Maybe Adele thought this sounded too close with 21's album theme."