Last year Los Angeles quintet Here Lies Man released their self-titled debut album, a heady blend of classic rock and African rhythms. Coming into second album, You Will Know Nothing, the band's core concept remains the same: "We're very conscious of how the rhythms service the riffs," explains founder and vocalist/guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Marcos Garcia, "Tony Iommi's (Black Sabbath) innovation was to make the riff the organising principle of a song. We are taking that same approach but employing a different organising principle: For Iommi it was the blues, for us it comes directly from Africa."

Following on from 'Fighting', released a little while ago, they this week have released 'That Much Closer To Nothing', a song that shows how they've expanded upon this thesis statement. 'That Much Closer To Nothing' is built around a thick and heavy central riff, and this is made all the more vigorous with the complex rhythms that dart in and out of it. When the music is this thrilling, you don't need words. Listen below.

You Will Know Nothing comes out through Riding Easy Records on June 15th.