Champion illustration has been kind enough to put together a Drake-inspired sketchbook called Sketches From the Six, for the 6 God-obsessed. "Let's face it, Drake has consumed our lives and we've created this sketchbook for the times when you simply can't get Champagne Papi out of your mind. This book is a place for your Drake inspired sketches, poems, thoughts and feelings. It's not only late night when he needs your love but on the train, at work, lazy mornings or in the sun," they said.

Throughout the book there are selected sketches from Champion artists like Marja de Sanctis, Thomas Slater, Anneka Lange, and Kendra Yee. Also Drake inspired quotes and lots of colour'd paper to scribble on. Check it out here.

 photo Anneka Lange_zpsrpesahuo.jpg

 photo Thomas Slater_zpswgwsurfb.jpg

 photo Kendra Yee_zpsbis7saxd.jpg

 photo Marja de Sanctis_zpsakro3pfc.jpg