Although initially seen in October, as part of Channel 4's Random Acts series, with a special selection of Warp Records artists getting visual treatments for their music, Hudson Mohawke has officially unveiled his video for 'Systems,' delivered by Dominic Flannigan and Nic Hamilton.

"A favourite from Lantern, with 'System' Hud Mo was inspired by some tear-out Jeff Mills offset with those minimalist classical arpeggios - and when considering an associated film I thought of classic rave visuals and cg stock art of the late 90s where the grid of the city would be superimposed with circuit boards and processors. Here we updated it for 2015, commissioning our own 4K helicopter shoot over Manhattan which Nic Hamilton treated, placing in a CG environment that evokes Philip Glass '1000 Airplanes On The Roof'," Dominic Flannigan says.