Here's a new Kanye West song. It's called 'Awesome' and it's probably about his wife, Kim Kardashian. Whilst on the surface you could see this as a soppy love-song, it's not all heart-on-sleeve emotional pop. The piano progressions are jaunty yet classic enough to be able to make this track seem timeless, despite Kanye's auto-tuned voice bubbling and warbling away throughout.

His choice of words when referencing just how awesome the subject of the song is are interesting. He uses word combinations with adjectival intent to describe a more true-to-life, evocative romance: "You're so out-the-park, you're so after-dark" and also "You're so sleepless-nights" being choice examples of this innovative linguistic twist.

One more awkward example is, "You don't need to listen to your manager" – as we all know, Kim K's manager is her mother. It's either a subtle dig or a tongue-in-cheek line in a tongue-in-cheek, knowingly cheesy song. But then again it's Kanye: maybe it's wholly serious. Who actually knows?

You can listen to it below. There is as yet no indication whether or not this will appear on Ye's upcoming album, So Help Me God.