ITS 케이프 are a Berlin-based project applying "BAUHAUS to pop music"; BAUHAUS referring to the German art school that operated between 1919 and 1933 combining crafts and the fine arts. They claim that their music follows two simple rules: form follows function and learn from the old masters. Essentially, the music they create is inspired by many different styles of music "from western 80's synth pop to 90's Korean soap opera soundtracks." It certainly seems like a fascinating and unique concept.

So far they've released four two-track EP's; the fourth being No.4, which is influenced by "avant-garde sounds from the past, Japanese and Chinese sci-fi culture, and travels to the fifth dimension." 'FutureIII' is the first of the two tracks on said EP and starts off like an introduction to a horror movie; dark and sinister before the sound of a harp breaks the tension followed by some subtle vocals for a well-rounded musical experience. There's a fair amount of mystery and unanswered questions behind this project; colour me captivated.