Produced by Melo-Zed, 'Gone 4 You' finds Pittsburgh native Montell Fish flip between singing and rapping over the smooth, laid-back beat. The beauty comes in the final 30 seconds or so where the beat mellows out even further with Montell providing some spoken words of instruction.

"Alright, so my school was canceled because of a heating issue with the vents. I wanted to start branching out to people and sharing my music because I know I have a gift, and I felt that it was the perfect time," explains Montell Fish in a message to The 405. "The producer @Melozed posted this beat called feel me about 10 months ago, but I heard it for the first time about a week before."

He continues: "The beat just gave me so much room to vent on. I talk about everything from my past pornography addiction to my relationship with my mom and God. I talk about old friends, past memories and all over a jazzy track. I wrote and recorded it in my bedroom in about an hour, and posted a twitter poll to see who wanted a new track. I said "if this get's 20 votes, ill post a new track". It ended up getting 26, lol. So that's pretty much how the track came together!

I think we'd all like to make music this good on our days off. If you're craving more, Montell's SomewhereintheForest/Reading The Bible EP is also available on his SoundCloud page for your listening pleasure.