Based in Brooklyn and with a sound described as “cartoon psych”, Toebow are a band living up to their namesake. On the surface non-sensical, but purpose never far behind - toebow find that balance between the quirk and experimentation of psych-pop with solid compositions and layered male-female vocal lines. And after years of honing their sound, the band is releasing their upcoming LP, Themes.

To celebrate, the 405 has the video premiere for Toebow’s latest single, ‘Mr. Tony’.

About the video, the band explains, “Freshly styled from the inter-dimensional salon, Toebow performs their melancholy banger 'Mr. Tony' on a surrealist talkshow. The host (Henry Terepka of Zula) asks them tough questions about what it means to channel time and space into sound, and who Mr. Tony is. The character remains a mystery as the band dodges the question, replying only with commentary on their meticulously sculpted hair and bizarre extended techniques on their instruments.”

You couldn’t ask for a more apt description. The synths and slide guitar pair with the futuristic vibe of the set design and light-being body suits worn throughout the video. But looking beyond that is a band playing a televised performance, trying to say their piece through art, and the host keeps trying to get explanations mid-set. Through a bit of satire, Toebow show (not tell) the focus is on the artist, not the art. All the while, the artist(s) is/ are obscured, yet the music is coming from somewhere. Where?

Enjoy these deep Thursday thoughts and more as you listen and watch Toebow’s video for ‘Mr. Tony’.

Catch Toebow on Tour:

May 4 - Bennington, VT - Bennington College (Sunfest)
May 24 - New York, NY - Nublu 151 (Themes album release show with Elbows & Boio)
May 26 - Cleveland, OH - Mahall's (Main Stage)
May 28 - Chicago, IL - Schubas