If ever there was a time for you to find an interest in Danish singer Kwamie Liv, now might be it. She's unveiled two videos; one essentially closing a chapter and a second opening a new one. 'Lost In The Girl' is the final video from her debut EP of the same name while 'Perfect Grace' is the first single from her forthcoming, currently untitled EP which is due in the spring. "'Lost in the Girl' is a video I have been wanting to make for a long time," she said in a press release. "it's also my way of closing the chapter on my first EP... A final kiss perhaps to a project that has meant so much to me. The visual itself is a celebration of fearlessness, vulnerability and ultimately the strength of standing together without trying to fit into one thing."

Speaking on the 'Perfect Grace' visual, she continued "'Perfect Grace' is more intimate. There is something about the delicacy of one-takes that I love. Ultimately the two videos are as independent as they are an interchangeable continuation of each other, they're different sides of the same thing." Kwamie's new EP will be released in March while 'Perfect Grace' will be available from Friday (Jan. 22).