Gothenburg-based artist Linn Osterberg, aka Sea Lion, has shared a new track called 'Room' that's burrowed its way surreptitiously into our hearts and minds today, resting on our hypothalami like a cat stretched out in the sunshine. Heavy, ancient piano with discordant reverbing bass notes clustered together sounds dusty-fluid in our ears, a delicate touch of phasing working its spectral modulation on ambient noise resonating from the piano – a wash of condensed deep night – lightly toasted with just that right amount of butter, and that's not to mention the vocals: fragile, barely heard, exhausted, beautiful, edged with a crisp brightness that coats the rich whisper of her voice.

She shared the circumstances surrounding the inception of the track on its SoundCloud description:

"I recorded 'Room' after a week of frustration where i couldn’t record anything that didn’t feel like crap and I was unsure whether to push it any further or to just give up. I always struggle with knowing when to rest or when to keep going. It was around midnight and I just felt really frustrated with myself, so i made some coffee and then i went out for a long walk and when I got back I decided to try one more time and I wrote and recorded it within an hour or so."

You can purchase 'Room' on iTunes. Check out some of Sea Lion's upcoming live dates for the UK below this.

  • Sea Lion UK live dates:
  • 2nd May - Live At Leeds
  • 3rd May - Live At Glasgow
  • 6th May - Wilton’s Music Hall, London (supporting Madisen Ward & The Mama Bear)