LCMDF (standing for Le Corps Mince De Francoise, or in English: "francoise's slim body") is Finnish sister duo, Emma and Mia Kemppainen. This track of theirs, 'Fooled', is an interesting one because it's not your regular brand of Scandinavian electropop. Despite being billed as '80s new wave revivalists, it's much more PC Music-leaning than it is Depeche Mode-inspired, awash as it is with Balearic-style soft synth chords and cartoonised vocal samples, the vocal melody set to a familiar and amiable pattern, rounded off with a touch of internet music nipping at its heels courtesy snare-ornamented trap-feel drums and a raspy horn-esque section. It's a unique and colourful collage of sound that is more evident of, more telling of, more a product of the truly modern musical landscape than much "modern" pop.

'Fooled' is out 24th April on Cocoa Music – a Finnish label with a special emphasis on "representing the new breed of multi-media artists," making it the perfect label home for a pop entity like LCMDF.