Dan Bejar has shared a video for 'Girl in a Sling', a track taken from new Destroyer album Poison Season, his first album in four years. Previously we've heard 'Dream Lover' from the upcoming album, which is out on 28th August.

Director David Galloway shares the thoughts behind the video in a press release:

"Bejar sings a lot about cities and girls and injury, sometimes all at the same time. Sometimes they are the same thing, as surreal novelists would have us believe. Besides, people like to see Dan sing—which he doesn't do a lot of in this video, but he does do a little bit. We wanted to make a video that dealt with central Destroyer themes: to some, Destroyer is a lech; to some, he is an arsonist; to some, he is a savior. To me, he is the consummate comedian, but he resists that role. So we decided to go the opposite way and make something sad, something tragic, something that fits the new record. The adage “comedy equals tragedy plus time” is attributed to Carol Burnett's mum. Or it might have been Steve Allen. Either way, I always want Dan to do physical comedy, but he resists. He's a natural, though. He's the Pacific Northwest's Buster Keaton, and I hope one day to share that with the world. One day. For now, though, there's just this sadness. This poison season."

And on that note, you can pre-order Poison Season here and watch Galloway's video for 'Girl in a Sling' below.

  • Video credits
  • Director: David Galloway
  • Producer: Nicolas Bragg
  • Director of Photography: David James
  • Production Company: Border Patrol Films