Don't let the rampant capitalisation fool you: this track doesn't even need capitalisation but I thought I'd try to stay true to how it's written on SoundCloud. But what nonsense am I talking? I'd like to introduce you to this lovely song.

It's a remix of an original track by Oakland-based PASTEL GHOST called 'CLOUDS' – a somewhat dirge-like buzzing haze of far-off vocals and wholesome beats; the new version, the so-called 'Visions of You' remix by Australian duo TEES, builds on the dreaminess of the original, but softens its harsh edges and adds a healthy sprinkling of deliciously chiming elements, from harp sounds to a legible house beat – all for a borderline transcendental, actually euphoric experience. I am in heaven and it feels nice.

It's undeniable all-encompassing mind-melting alternative-Balearic soporific tropico-chill (another way of putting it) and it's right below these letters for your ears to listen to.