People freaked out over the weekend when an interview with Future for Mass Appeal appeared. Well, it wasn't because of the interview itself, but because of something weird Future said.

When the subject came up of What A Time To Be Alive, the rapper's collaborative mixtape with Drake, Future could only repeat over and over, "It never happened."

Of course, this sent the internet into a frenzy. What does that mean? Is there beef between Drake and Future? Is it the title of a new Future mixtape? Speculation is what the internet does best, and speculate it did.

And so on. But like that last tweet states, it is rather a stretch to connect a reply to a question about a previous mixtape to a new mixtape. However, it's most likely the case that Future was referring to the abysmal sales of the mixtape when he said "It never happened."

What A Time To Be Alive, although entering the Billboard 200 at number 1, sold only 334,000 units in its first week - it was projected to sell over 500,000 copies. In its next week of existence, sales dropped to 65,000. That's an 81% decrease - the worst sales drop in hip hop of all time. As of November 2015 it's shifted just 472,000 copies. The mixtape is great meme-bait, of course, and we thought it was good, but not amazing.

Though a weirdly cryptic and oddly dramatic way to put it, "It never happened" seems like Future's way of washing his hands clean of a project for which he had high expectations, but that ultimately failed to deliver. It wasn't as big as he thought it'd be - as if he's saying that in the near future it will be like it never happened.