Don't worry about anything: Freddie Gibbs has just put out a new EP. It's called Pronto and it's a short one: just three tracks. Imagine that.

There's the cold and brooding title track that's a cosmic­leaning soundscape pockmarked with explosive beats, followed by the looped lonely nocturnal jazz samples, moody piano and pining saxophone, of 'White Range', which summons the atmosphere of a debauched and forlorn late­night adventure – contrasting with the snappy beats and Gibbs' own gritty flow.

It finishes with track three, 'Diamonds', a somnolent offering fraught with glossy sub-bass and a glistening beat – the female vocals are those of LA singer­songwriter Dana Williams, who lends her sultry soulfulness to a bed of reversed samples and magical chimes. All in all, it's a trio of nocturnes for the modern day, trap beats in differing tones and hues that could very well act as the foundation for a storyboard of any given night: 'Pronto' anticipates, 'White Range' reveals the reality, 'Diamonds' soothes.