Hero Fisher is a young singer/songwriter who is on her way to releasing her second album Glue Moon later this year. It follows up her 2015 album Delivery, on which Fisher showed off her versatility in writing and singing, hopping from rock to folk to pop with deftness and ease. Late last year she released 'I Let Love', a lusciously unfolding stately pop rock song, but it should come as no surprise that the follow up single is something quite different.

'Lonely' is Hero Fisher showing off her vocal and technical prowess in an artful ballad imbued with electronic touches. She seemingly hovers in a blue cloud of emotion throughout the track, both serene and all-seeing, as she sings of unfulfilled desires that tend to open up a void within the beholder. The song begins in a slow, trance-like manner, but purposefully builds to a stirring and resounding chorus, in which Fisher shows off both the depth and the delicacy of her vocal range. The patient song takes a leap for the subtly epic towards its conclusion with tense synthesizers and even siren howls in the mix. The result is a truly captivating track that invites you to honestly explore your inner truths without judgement.

Of the song Hero says "'Lonely' is about self delusion. We all wear blinkers to hard truths in one way or another. A common condition people have is loneliness or feeling secluded. I think it’s a sentiment a lot of people can relate to, if they don’t, then they may have mastered self delusion.”

Listen to 'Lonely' below.

Hero Fisher will be releasing Glue Moon later this year. Keep up with her on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

You can catch her at these select live dates, with more to be announced soon:

March 15th: St Pancras Old Church, London
May 19th: The Great Escape Festival