After the huge success of our last download album (60'000 views and over 5000 downloads) we decided that we would make it a regular thing. Over the course of 2011 we plan on making one every 2-3 months, culminating in a collection of albums that you can treasure like the porcelain dolls your Grandma left you in her will. However, unlike our Ones To Watch album, the focus is on the songs we like rather than just being solely based on new artists. Instead of us rambling on about the process, we'll let the dulcet tones of Tamara Schlesinger from 6 Day Riot explain it to you. Team 405 x PS. The artwork was created by the wonderful Emma Charleston.
You'll find a download/stream of the album at the bottom, but make sure you check out the bands we've featured by clicking on the banner above their photo. Photobucket