Few bands simply feel more fun than Hey Anna. This charming indie outfit -- composed of sisters Erin, Anna and Katie Rauch-Sasseen, as well as drummer Matthew Langner -- are nearly three years removed from one of 2015's most underrated records, Run Koko. The band is now in the process of writing songs for a follow-up LP and, if the band's new single 'Garage Queen' is any indication, it could be a stunner.

With Katie on lead vocals -- seen in the video dealing with the symptoms of a concussion sustained in a car accident -- offers an absolutely stunning performance. Her dreamy, airy vocals balance beautifully atop the alluring instrumentals performed by her sisters and Langner. 'Garage Queen' is also an inspiring call to action for listeners.

"'Garage Queen' is a call to set free whatever you’ve been holding onto," says the band. "Whatever that is, bring it into the light of day before it’s too late. Publish your novel. Tell your crush how you feel. Release the song."

Check out the video for Hey Anna's 'Garage Queen' above or stream the track below if that's more your speed. Just be sure to check this one out, and be on the look out for the band's forthcoming LP.