The first words used to describe D.W. Waterson’s DJ project, hey! dw, are “Joan Jett meets EDM.” And those describe her sound best. The Canadian DJ is not only a skilled producer but drummer as well. She utilizes these skills to make her tracks bombastic and heavy, getting that same primal drive Joan Jett brought to rock music. SOmething you'll notice with her latest single ‘Things I Do’.

The track's video is equal parts NSFW locker room party, LGBTQ pride, and a well-deserved humble-brag of hey! dw’s drumming abilities. Oh, and she directed the video herself.

“FINALLY releasing my self-directed DEBUT music video into the world. This video perfectly captures the energy of my live show with sweat, high octane drums solos, sexuality and lots of squirt emojis.”

There’s no denying the energy from the video alone. The characters slowly get ready for the party in the music video but set as prepping for a big football game. Pair that with D.W’s drum breaks and you have not just a fight song but an anthem.

So, if you’re looking for a little pick me up, check out hey! dw’s new latest single and video for ‘Things I Do’. Its sure to power you through the rest of your day.