"Hey Sholay are a five-piece group of musicians, filmmakers and artists from Sheffield and Leeds, who play a breed of psychedelic independent pop with a hint of the Northern Lights captured in a jam jar."

Or at least, that's what the press release says. But what is actually found in these four and a half minutes are some of the best layers of melodic, spaced out pop since the highest reaches of The Flaming Lips - before they slipped into The Terror. And the word 'pop' shouldn't be seen as any kind of derogatory term that has you running away from this page as fast as your digital legs will carry you.

The first half of this tune is a gleaming verse/chorus/verse/chorus which will nestle in your mind and flip any and all manner of entrenched Monday frowns. The second half of this song is either glorious for some or way too 'out there' for others, but we have to remember that it's good to be surprised by music sometimes. Or, perhaps even often. The technicolour odyssey that unfolds warps space and time and stretches two minutes into not often explored lands for a single.

This is the sound of five guys, either by accident or by design, achieving something refreshingly different and entirely, spectacularly awesome. High altitude melodies, killer drums, hooks and atmosphere. The parent album ((o)) was released last year so this really is band you possibly haven't heard of, but probably should.