London-based French producer and songwriter HEZEN, through orchestral electronic beats and haunting vocals, fearlessly explores the body, femininity and expectation through her stirring video for 'The Girl You Want.' Her debut EP, Stigma is promised to be a collection of songs, equally as sharp and captivating, and is set for delivery in June.

"For my EP and this track in particular I'm writing about the female experience," she says. "Quite early on I found the melody and lyrics "I'm the girl you want" – and for me, it's about the expectations women have to face as objects of desire. I wrote the rest of the song around that, and it became the title too. The idea for the video came to me as a kind of vision: I'd just finished the track and it was the middle of the night but I couldn't fall asleep. And in this half awake state I saw the whole film from start to finish in a very detailed way, almost like a hallucination, at the same time as hearing the song in my head. I called Alice Seabright (the Director and my collaborator) the next morning. She brought together the incredible team that made it happen."