Label: DC Recordings Release Date: 23/02/09 Link: The Black Neon and the Squire of Somerton, who once formed both halves of the psychedelic rock and pop concoction that was Fort Lauderdale, have returned with their real names, Steve Webster and Toby Jenkins, and yet another brilliantly bewildering name for their new project: Higamos Hogamos. Their principles? "to fuse together their fetishism for analogue synthesizers with the sexual exuberance of 70s rock n' roll!" On the analogue synths part, 'Major Blitzkrieg' commits to those ideals very much so. It also lives up to its title, beginning with a lethal bombardment of bass synth bombs, backed by the tank-like rumbling of drums, followed by a machine gun fire of yet more synthesizers. Quicker than any 'lightning war' this attack procedure is carried out in under three minutes, leaving your ears well and truly conquered. This single, along with its additional remixes that will have you dancing like a rag doll being kicked in each hip alternately, is the start of a promising come-back for Webster and Jenkins. With a debut album out in March and live shows planned, this year should be very rewarding for them. 7/10