We're living in a new age of resistance. With social media, there are no longer barriers between you and your favourite artists and innovators. This heightened sense of awareness also means more voices can join together to drown out the unjust. Musicians are in the peculiar position of travelling the world and seeing their fans face to face; an opportunity to not just connect through art, but to speak up about the current world around them.

This is not lost on Bethany Cosentino. In fact, you could argue it plagues her brain. Anyone who follows her outside of her band's music knows how vocal she is when it comes to the current state of American politics and culture.

I sat down with Bethany before her set at High & Low Fest to discuss her thoughts on activism and how Best Coast's new tour with Paramore will affect things.


This is High & Low Fest's first year on the market. What was it about this festival that interested you in playing it?

So, we actually start tour on Monday with Paramore. And we fly out tomorrow morning. So, it lined up really well for us to do a "hometown" festival show and then head out on the tour. And for us, it's really cool to support a start-up, especially when it's in a creative field. We need more creative, open-minded things in the world, especially now.

And it's nice we get to come here, play, and make it home in time to sleep before all the madness starts.

I can only imagine tour prep. But, touching on needing more open-minded things, you've been very vocal when it comes to politics and activism. How do you bring that to your shows and have that dialogue with your fans about positive change?

We really haven't played too many shows since Trump has become president. So, I've been trying to figure out how I want to address it because, it's very much one of those things that you can't not address, you know? I've decided I just want to make our shows about love and acceptance; just this idea of stay active- whatever that means to you.

And to a degree, it's the thought that counts at this point. Without making it too political- because I know people come to shows as a form of escape- I want to remind people the world is very fucked up right now and we need to do what we can to try and go in the right direction.

It's funny, when I was driving to meet the dudes before coming here, I was practicing what I thought I might say on stage. It probably will come out all blech because that's what often happens when I speak.

But again, the fact that you are just trying to something, anything, is what really matters. And I wouldn't stress too much about how it comes out, you could shout "potato!" and your fans would freak. But, let's change gears and talk upcoming tour with Paramore. For Paramore, this new album cycle is very much a rebirth. What are you looking forward to with the tour?

I know Hayley fairly well. We met through being mutual fans of each other's music several years ago. We always talked about how we should tour together, but it just never worked out. And when they put this record out- and I just, I just love this record, I think it's so great- I just texted her saying, "Hey! If you need a band to support you guys, we're always down." And they sent in the offer and it was accepted. We're excited not just to be touring with a band and group of people we like, but also to just be out on the road with our friends and people who are like-minded. I'm just really excited about it. I haven't been this excited in a really long time.

We've also been off the road for like a year. And it's come to the point where I'm like, "I need to get out of my house."

Getting a little stir-crazy, there?


Well, I can't wait to see how the tour goes. And not to backtrack too much, when it comes to the current music state of the music industry and activism and politics, what is it that you are looking to be done?

I think that's open to each person's interpretation of what it is they want to do; whether it's they want to throw a benefit show or put a record and donate a portion of the record sales to causes they care about. For us, as far as we stand, I want to really have a message of hope. Because it's really hard to have that. I wake up every day and see the news and think, "How the fuck am I supposed to get up and live my life when all of this shit is happening?" So, I'm just trying to create art that makes people feel okay and remember that they're not alone; I want them to know that they're not the only ones freaked out by what's going on and we are here.

I just want them to do their own creative thing and figure out a way to tune into what's going on in the world and make a positive impact of some kind; to just do whatever feels right for them. I don't feel like it's my place to dictate to them what they should do. But, I do believe if you are silent right now, then you're a huge part of the problem.

No matter the way, shape, or form, as long as you're doing something in regards to what's going on, it's the thought that counts.