Label: Thrill Jockey Release Date: 04/04/2010 Website: Official Myspace High Places have gone disco! After the brilliant self titled debut from 2008, the experimental-noise duo from Brooklyn (now relocated in Los Angeles, gossips say) are moving forward (or backwards?) into different spaces, hazy cosmic atmospheres definitely more commercial but not less sophisticated than their usual standard. The album is an interplay between more commercial, spacey disco (Mankind’s music?) and the weird, psychedelic noise that’s typical from the band.‘The Longest Shadow’ sets the mood for the album, with its disco tempo and sensuous vocals provided by the great Mary Pearson. ‘On Giving Up’ is actually one of my favourite tracks of the whole album, disco and upbeat, its chorus “Tonight Is Going To Be The Night” is a great soundtrack to get ready for partying. ‘She’s A Wild Horse’ looks at the band’s origins with its 4:40 minutes length, textured echoes coming from outer-space, dry, deep percussions and sirens. The languid guitars build up along the track and the Arabic mood provide a flying carpet you have to jump on to, to leave human kind’s planet and get straight to the heart of High Places’ one. It’s definitely more psychedelic than the previous tracks and it’s a proper ‘tripping-track’. Comparisons with other bands are easy (but illustrious). In ‘Canada’ Mary Pearson’s voice, grave and deep, reminds of Natasha Khan/Bat For Lashes' languid solos, while ‘On a Hill In a Bed on A Road in a House’ sounds like Rainbow Arabia’s ‘Fourth World Pop’ (as dubbed by The Quietus) played half-tempo and ends with an instrumental noise-y Gang Gang Dance-y appeal. ‘Drift slayer’ is an sidereal instrumental track that takes you in far away galaxies, but almost as a surprise, in ‘The Most Beautiful Name’, the chilled raggae beat that guides the whole track, evokes much different tropical atmospheres. The album ends with ‘When It Comes”, an electropop anthem with an house-y appeal given by the tribal percussions. Overall it’s a good album but in my opinion it doesn’t have the strength of the band’s previous effort. With a title like that, High Places Vs Mankind promised to be much more ‘dangerous’ and threatening of the music as we, Humans, know it. Unfortunately, it’s not. Photobucket What say you on this? Sound off in our Fourum!