Icelandic pop auteur Hildur releases new single ‘1993’, a whimsical slice of dream-pop. Her voice contorts and twists through the opening verse, a hymnal of reflection and promise to respect your own authenticity and intent. The chorus is a sugar-pop hit similar to Nordic girl-done-good Sigrid. It’s melodic hook of “when I grow up, I wanna be me” may feel simplistic, but paired with dramatic percussion and tingling piano, it’s difficult not to be moved by this confessional anthem.

Speaking on the track, Hildur commented: “It was when I was 5 that I realized my dream was to create, tell stories and stand on stage. As per the hook - “When I grow up I wanna be me”, it came to me as it was only recently I realised I had really became the person the 5 year old me wanted to be and was doing all the things I had dreamt of, without really giving myself the credit.

“This song is my journey and all the loopholes and fallbacks it took, all the disbelief but passion I experienced, all the insecurity and the creativity- which is me. So if my 5 year old self could hear one song from the future, I would want it to be this one. And I hope someone else on their journey to become themselves can relate.”

Having already won an Icelandic Music Award for Pop Song of the Year and delivering yet more bonafide bangers, it’s clear Hildur is going to be a hot name on the pop scene in 2019.

‘1993’ sees wide release tomorrow, February 27th, through AntiFragile Music.