Glitch-driven indie rock is best done with a true heart of rhythm, requiring a deadly sense of precision in terms of manufacturing something wholly danceable yet jittery, zig-zagging along with a distinct sense of urgency. Hind Ear are a band, with members from the musical metropolises of London and Brighton, who churn up such an urgency in abundance, complemented with some nifty little vocal arrangements to shuffle everything along rather nicely.

Hind Ear are not quite at a Dirty Projectors level of heavenly bounce and sway, but there is a huge chunk of promise in the methodology behind the music. 'Rainman' gently bobs along before skittering percussive loops take over and the whole piece devolves into a droning hum of disharmony, taking a darker and more foreboding tone. Everything here is mixed together into a little melting pot of melody that simply struts together in tandem, albeit overflowing into overkill towards the culmination. This slight oversight shows a band with ambition nonetheless and a future of crafting clever cadence cacophonies.

Two remixes of 'Rainman' show off both a more subdued and more frenetic attitude towards glitch rock, with Golden Bugcreating a Passion Pit synth extravaganza over the vocal track, whilst Villeneuve makes 'Rainman' sound like literal rainfall, tinkling and sprinkling down through layers of dripping electronica.