Earlier this week (well, yesterday actually), the 405's Jeremy Monroe spoke about his love for Hinds, claiming they're "one of those rare young bands who capture the essence and attitude of punk through their music while thankfully sidestepping slavish revivalism in the process" - something that plays out rather nicely on their debut album Leave Me Alone, which is out today on Mom & Pop/Lucky Number.

Earlier in the week (yeah, everything happens on Mondays around here), we decided to ask the band how they felt about the album's imminent release, the NPR stream, and their feelings going forward. This is what Ana García Perrote had to say about it:

"We can't fuuuuuucking wait man. For a second, we felt that it was never gonna come out and that we were gonna be an upcoming band forever. We are very, very happy with the streaming reaction regarding the ballads and slower songs. We hadn't showed that side of us yet, more intimate and maybe delicate, so we didn't know how people were gonna react. 'And I Will Send Your Flowers Back' is one of the songs people are talking the most, and it's the weirdest, slowest and riskiest one.

"I don't know, in this moment when I hear the album I'm sad and happy at the same time. Sad because we'll never again have the innocence that made us do this first ever record, but also happy 'cause I love the way that youth is reflected in those twelve songs."

We recommend heading out to your local record store and picking it up right now.