Hilco Capitol (known for rescuing entertainment retailers HMV in the UK and Ireland) and Ireland's Xtra-vision have announced their intention to expand the HMV brand around Ireland.

Hilco will co-brand 26 Xtra-vision stores across Ireland by the end of September, marking the first time HMV will reach certain areas. In addition to this, four standalone HMV stores will open in the country by mid September. The effort hopes to capitalize on the customer's entertainment shopping experience, allowing the film/game rental stores access to products associated with HMV.

Gerry Butler, CEO of Xtra-vision and HMV in Ireland, describes the moves thusly: "This roll out ensures that customers have access to a huge range of exciting movies, games, music and a range of other must-have entertainment products, coupled with Xtra-vision continuing to deliver and expand the movie and game-rental proposition. It's really the best of both worlds for customers." [via CMU]

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