HMV have announced that they'll be focusing the core of their business on music, films, and games, and they'll be reducing the amount of high-end technology they sell. HMV's director Steve West recently sat down with PCR for an interview, where he revealed the business plan, saying they want to pave the way for “products which our customers more readily associate with the HMV brand” like music, games, and movies. They'll still carry things like headphones, books, and t-shirts as well.

The store has seen a massive revamp over the last few months. They announced they would be closing a number of stores back in January, but then were bought out by the restructuring firm Hilco in April which saved thousands of jobs. They've reworked their website as well, and you can check that out here. Read what West has to say about their slick new website below:

“Our aim is to show off the fantastic breadth of knowledge within HMV and provide a much more personal experience. We’ll also be bringing you interviews and videos from all the amazing events that go on in store every single week. Obviously this is the first iteration of the site and we’re already planning the roll out of more functionality as well as new ways that customers can buy content.”

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