After months of speculation, HMVhave confirmed that their iconic shop on Oxford Street will re-open on the 28th September - as we go to press, that's tomorrow.

The short-notice announcement has come from chairman Paul McGowan who says of the opening:

"We wanted to stay in Oxford Street. We wanted a smaller but decent size spaced and the great thing about 363 is that it's the original home of the brand.

"We are reconnecting with the music industry and bringing the brand full circle.

"It's really important that people will recognise HMV as still current and relevant. We have good contact with the music industry and we're going to find ways to allow our customers to interact with artists."

What the brand has learned from their unfortunate liquidation causing thousands of stores to be closed around the country, is that customers crave interaction with their favourite artists, but also with knowledgable staff members. HMV hopes it can win back their customer base by offering not just their famous sales sticker items, but with winning customer service befitting a real record store.

It won't be an easy task to build up the brand's currency again in the eyes of the public, but if they continue to put their plans forward and truly offer customers a real reason to shop there rather than picking up deals online, their future could be rosy. Neon pink, in fact.

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