Budding Brooklyn-based act HOAX produces bracing yet beautifully sad music. This is kind of their thing and it works effectively well. These purveyors of their self-proclaimed “empathy pop” sound are moving in all the right sonic directions with their latest single, ‘Grow’. Sonically located somewhere between 1970s disco and the band’s distinctively homegrown indie-pop resonance, the New York troupe have easily released their catchiest jam to date. With honeyed melodies, crisp guitars, hypnotic bass lines, and balmy drums inhabiting the scene, ‘Grow’ is another winner from a band, already with a slew of these wondrous tracks, as we inch closer to their introduction LP.

Here’s what HOAX shared on the meaning of ‘Grow’:

“To ‘Grow’ means to reflect on what it means to you to be human; not all the preconceived notions of where your life should go based on others’ opinions or based on what’s going on around you, but rather, real growth happens when you reflect simply on what is important for you to be human. To ‘Grow’ means to work every day to be more empathetic and sensitive; listening more instead of talking; being more selfless than selfish. These are the recipes for growth in ‘being’ - well, mine at least.”

HOAX released their first single of 2018, ‘Moon Moon Baby’, in August. With their previous release, HOAX found themselves in the beginning stages of carving out a new sonic style that takes everything we know about feel good alt-pop and turns it upside down. Shifting back to ‘Grow,’ the group skillfully pushes beyond any expectations with pristine productions accompanied by modern lyricism that elicits penetrating emotions to fully embrace. All of this is rolled into an idyllic summer-to-autumn transitional effort, the kind of song that has one saying bye to summer fun and hello to something a bit more serious. After all, we all must ‘grow’ up sometime, and that feeling HOAX provides will stay with us long after the music is over.

HOAX released two EPs in 2017, words that end with wh(y) and The Truth and Other Lies. The band is planning to release their debut LP, b?, later this year. For those in Brooklyn on November 2, you can catch HOAX opening for Yung Heazy at Baby’s All Right.

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